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So many questions here! We are taught so little about pregnancy that it can be hard to discern if we actually are, or what to look out for…what’s normal, what’s a reason to check in with your doc or midwife. Is bleeding OK? Should you feel differently? Are cramps a certain sign of miscarriage? We wanna know too! Stick with us- here’s some popular Qs about pregnancy from our community, answered.

  • Ovulation Bleeding

  • Spotting During Ovulation

  • Breakthrough Bleeding

  • Posterior Cervix

  • Cervical Mucus Early Pregnancy

  • Presumptive Signs of Pregnancy

  • Probable Signs of Pregnancy

  • Phantom Pregnancy

  • How Long Does Implantation Bleeding Last

  • IVM

  • Can You Get Pregnant Right Before Your Period



We have more questions! This time, around how to prevent pregnancy. We have the privilege of options. But we need to make sure we are making informed choices. And, taking our personal health history, circumstances, beliefs, access, and experiences into account is very, very important. Here are some top Qs answered on different birth control methods.