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Dear @cyclesandsex,

I just wanted to know if it is right and/or healthy for a girl in her mid-teens to be masturbating. Is there a particular age where it does become acceptable? And is it weird if you feel only pleasure from the clitoris but not vaginal penetration?




Dear #CuriousTeen

These are not stupid questions at all! Concerning your question about masturbation, frequently masturbating in your teens is completely normal and healthy. In fact, exploring pleasure in our bodies can begin as early as ages 3 and becomes more frequent as we enter puberty and our hormone levels increase. So when does it become acceptable? That answer is up to you! Yes, you may hear varying opinions from parents, friends, religious ideologies, and in the media, but what feels right in your body is up to you to decide. As for clitoral stimulation vs vaginal penetration, this is actually quite common. Most people who have vaginas require some kind of external stimulation of their clitoris to reach climax, around 80%!

All the best,


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