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Dear @cyclesandsex,

I have a family member who had their reproductive organs removed (uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries) due to tumour growths on the ovaries, which spread to her small intestine. They have diagnosed it as cancer at stage 3 and possibly stage 4, with more growths being tested on the liver. They are starting chemotherapy soon. My family member has never used sex toys and deserves to receive self love and pleasure. What kind of sex toys would be safe for a person who has no reproductive organs and receiving ongoing chemotherapy? What should we expect from masturbating while having cancer. We know it's not impossible! We just don't know where to start....




Dear #NieceOfACancerPatient

Thank you for your question. It’s great to hear that you’re helping support your aunt to create a practice around self-pleasure during these difficult times. Creating positive sensations in the body can be emotionally healing and physically grounding, especially when illness and side-effects from medication can make you feel out of balance. I would recommend your aunt approach this masturbation exploration in a slow and sensitive way to accommodate her changing body. Even if someone has a hysterectomy, they can still enjoy internal pleasure via the G spot, but that may not be comfortable. Getting a toy that can be used on many erogenous zones on the body (the external vulva including the clitoris, the anus, the nipples) will give you a variety of sensations to explore. Some of my favourite diverse toys at Wild Flower are the Fun Factory Volta, the Noje G slim, and the Dame Fin. And remember, orgasms are great but the pressure can sometimes stifle the enjoyment. Focus instead on feeling good.

All the best,

Amy Boyajian

Amy Boyajian is the Founder and CEO ofwildflowersex, an all-inclusive, online sexual wellness boutique. A former dominatrix, Amy created Wild Flower as an organic retaliation to the unethical and discriminatory practices in the sex and pleasure industries. Check out for more!


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