Nowadays, most of us understand the importance of self-care, even if we still can’t get ourselves to actually set aside the time to do it.  In fact, an entire industry has been created around the notion of setting aside time for relaxation and getting in touch with ourselves. From face masks to books, incense to body care, it’s a way for us to decompress from life and its hectic haze.  But with all this self-care talk, self-pleasure seems to be left out of the equation.

And it turns out, self-pleasure is actually really good for you!  So let’s talk about touching ourselves to get in touch with ourselves because according to Quilliam, 9 out of 10 women always orgasm when masturbating (1) whereas another analysis (33 studies over 80 years) shows only 1 in 4 women are consistently orgasmic during intercourse (2) (3).


When we said touching yourself is good for you, we’re being literal.  Orgasms can help with the following just to name a few (4):

  • lowering stress

  • alleviating menstrual cramps and pain

  • improving your sleep and self-esteem  

  • strengthening the muscle tone in your pelvic and anal areas

This is basically like saying eating chocolate cake will help you lose weight.


Spending some time with yourself can help you answer some of these v. important questions: What do I like? Where do I like to be touched? What feels good?

In order to communicate your pleasure, you must first understand it yourself! And being able to communicate your newfound self-awareness with a partner can be life changing. The more comfortable you get communicating your pleasure, the easier it may be to talk about safety too.  Win, win! Learn more about sexual intelligence here.


CYCLES+SEX is partnering with Pleasure Chest for the holidays!

Remember Pleasure Chest from our events?! We love them because of their unique focus on inclusive sexual health and pleasure education.  They are very good at making us feel safe as we learn about things that are awkward to talk about.  If you have been wanting to push yourself to understand your own pleasure, now’s the time, baby!

Pleasure Chest is graciously donating period products to for every item purchased from NOW until the end of the year.

Here are some of our faves of what you can purchase to support them:

download (11).png

a crystal. for your vag.

why we like it:

Okay; We were hesitant too.

But then we thought about it. If we are gonna stick anything up there, we would wayyy rather it be a Rose Quartz than a silicone fake dick.

And, it’s really pretty!

Chakrubs is all about self-love, and ya know what? We deserve crystals up our vag. If you’ve been curious, now’s the time.



the fun cup. menstrual cup

why we like it:

we have tried a lot of cups. some of them are pretty good! others, not so much.

this one really worked! not only could we not feel it inside our bodies the whole time, but when we took it out, there was zero spillage or splashes! it truly all stayed in the cup upon removal!

also, each purchase comes with two cups instead of one (and we tend to lose things, so this is v. helpful!)



the volta.

why we like it

wow. whoa. holy moly. this thing is CRAZY. check out that split tip. we have never seen anything like this before!

that split tip allows for all over clitoral action- think of it like surround sound pleasure- it gets ya from all angles! AND it can be placed to hug the shaft of a penis as well so if you swing that way, all parties can win.

another cool fun fact about this toy?

there’s a TRAVEL LOCK so that it doesn’t go off during airport security checks. hallelujah!


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    Written by Maia Brown, C+S Team