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Dear @cyclesandsex,

Pretty much every month (about 90% of the time), I get sick when I am just about to start my period or within the first day or two of menstruation. What gives? I read a few places that a drop in estrogen and/or progesterone can suppress the immune system. I feel like I live a relatively healthy lifestyle otherwise by staying active, eating pretty well and aiming for at least 7 hours of sleep per night. What is the connection between hormones, cycles and immunity? How can I overcome these annoying little sick episodes in the future? I appreciate any advice you can offer.




Dear #CyclicallySick

Our bodies have a very clear way of communicating with us. When we get sick (depending on the symptoms) our body is saying, "Hey, I need a break", or "Hey, pay attention to me!". The fact that you’re paying attention, and noticing your experience within your cycles means that you’re listening. Your job now is to find out what your body wants. You say you’re getting 7 hours of sleep per night, staying active and eating well - My questions to you are, are you feeling rested? Are you feeling healthy? Are you enjoying your physical activities? Take some time during the start and end of your cycles to sit and listen to your body. To ask it what it needs. To find out if it needs extra rest, if it needs a day off from work. Does it want to eat something different? Your body will answer you, and the more you give it what it wants, the better you’ll feel, most likely ending the sick-cycle.


Dr. Or Pondak

Dr. Pondak is a naturopathic doctor specializing in the Fertility Awareness Method, women's health, and menstruation as the fifth vital sign.

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