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Dear @cyclesandsex,

Someone wrote in about having multiple orgasms on one of your Breakthrough stories. How do I do that?!




Dear #LonelyOrgasm

Each woman's body and experience of orgasm is different, so it's important that you learn about yourself and what gives you pleasure first. Knowing what excites you and what "works" will allow you to start testing your boundaries and go deeper into the pleasure experience. There are some fantastic resources for learning how to experience multiple orgasms. I recommend checking out the work of Betty Dodson and OMGYES.

All the best,

Myisha Battle

Myisha Battle (@myishabattle) is a certified sex coach, writer and speaker. Through sex coaching and her sex-positive podcast, Down for Whatever, Myisha provides accurate sexual information, instills pride in difference, and encourages the quest for sexual satisfaction no matter a person’s race, gender, orientation, ability or age. She empowers her clients and listeners to embrace better sex for a better life. For more information visit


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