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Dear @cyclesandsex,

I lost my virginity last night (first time I've ever experienced vaginal - penile penetration), and I've been feeling super bloated and gassy ever since. Is this normal?




Dear #concernedlatebloomer

First of all, good for you for being so in tune with your body and asking questions about the changes you’re experiencing. Having bloating, gas, even a little pain, is normal after your first few penetration experiences. Think about the muscles in your vagina like you would any other set of muscles. When you try a new exercise or push your physical boundaries in a new way, you can get sore, tender, and maybe a little swollen. Being penetrated is a new thing for your vagina and it’s surrounding organs, and they’re responding accordingly. You should be fine within a day or two. This being said, if you notice any itching, smell, unusual discharge, or extended pain, take yourself to a doctor.⠀


Amy Boyajian

Former dominatrix and founder of Wild Flower, an all-inclusive, online sexual wellness boutique created as an organic retaliation to the unethical and discriminatory practices in the sex and pleasure industries.⠀

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