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Dear @cyclesandsex,

I’ve been experiencing very low libido for about 1 year. I have normal cycles but smoke cigarettes and work shift work. What would increase my sex drive?




Dear #wheredidmylibidogo

The first thing I would suggest is to quit smoking. I know it’s easier said than done, but the nicotine in cigarettes play havoc with your hormones, especially testosterone, which causes your natural sex drive to plummet. This can cause further complications down the road with infertility and cancer. Aside from that, other libido boosting tips would be to insure you’re getting enough sleep, try out natural supplements like maca, and review your diet to include more energy boosting proteins and nutrient-dense greens. ⠀
. ⠀

Good luck,                                                                     

Amy Boyajian

Former dominatrix and founder of Wild Flower, an all-inclusive, online sexual wellness boutique created as an organic retaliation to the unethical and discriminatory practices in the sex and pleasure industries.⠀

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