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Dear @cyclesandsex,

I understand that slight bleeding after a rough consensual sexual session is normal, but is it dangerous?




Dear #ThisIsHowILikeIt

Slight bleeding or spotting after some rough sex isn’t uncommon and usually is the consequence of small tears, fissures, or sores created during penetration. These post sex inflictions usually heal themselves within a couple days and aren’t a huge issue. However, if the bleeding doesn’t seem to stop, the quality of blood is a lot, you feel unusual, or the area becomes swollen or infected, it’s time to see a doctor. Another potential dangerous thing is the increase in contracting an STI increases dramatically when there are open sores or cuts. Remember to use lube, keep checking in with one another, and allow some healing time between these sessions.

All the best,

Amy Boyajian

Amy Boyajian is the Founder and CEO of wildflowersex, an all-inclusive, online sexual wellness boutique. A former dominatrix, Amy created Wild Flower as an organic retaliation to the unethical and discriminatory practices in the sex and pleasure industries. Check out for more!


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