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Dear @cyclesandsex,

Is it normal to experience food aversions when first starting birth control pills? I can’t even think about meat without gagging!




Dear #lackingprotein,

The birth control pill can alter your sense of smell and taste - so sure, it makes sense that you’d gag at the thought of a steak! Please take care of yourself during this time, because some studies show that the pill can lower essential nutrients like B12 and zinc, which you won't be getting from meat protein if it's making you gag. Thankfully, zinc can be found in vegetarian options such as kefir, spinach, mushrooms, chickpeas and cashews, and you can find B12 in feta and cottage cheese, eggs and some fish, so be sure to add some of these foods into your diet!

I’m glad you’re noticing such a small change, and recommend paying attention to anything else that changes in your body, desires, thoughts and feelings when first starting on birth control!


Dr. Or Pondak

Doctor of Natural Medicine, specializing in Women's Health.

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