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Dear @cyclesandsex,

Vaginal lubrication tends to wax and wane for me during sex. Is that normal?




Dear #lubeonlubeoff,

Many people with vulvas experience a variation in vaginal lubrication during sex.

Some things that may influence vaginal lubrication are hydration, hormonal balance overall, scar tissue and also where our mind goes. Our arousal level also varies during sex, and while not directly correlated with lubrication, arousal certainly affects lubrication.

Another fascinating element is that lubrication is coming from different areas in the vulva and vagina and has different texture. TThere is lubrication from the Bartholin's glands on either side of the vaginal opening interior. Then there is the lubrication that can be produced by the G-spot or urethral sponge, the ejaculate that can come out all at once, or a little at the time, which usually is less obvious. There is also the lubrication that can come from the cervix and cervical content- that has a more viscous and thicker texture. The Taoist describe these different lubrications as waters, and say they happen in succession as inner gates open and the process of arousal and connection deepens.


Kimberly Johnson

Founder of MAGAMAMA, a holistic women's health treatment philosophy, and also a sexological bodyworker, somatic experiencing practitioner, birth doula, postpartum care revolutionary, single mom, and author of The Fourth Trimester.

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