Photo by Kirsten Chilstrom

Photo by Kirsten Chilstrom

closing the orgasm gap w/ mal harrison, live recording, LA 2017

Mal Harrison is a sexologist passionate about freeing people from shame, stigma, and fear. She wants to live in a world where fluidity, compassion, and deep human connection collide, and where every human is cliterate. In 2011 she became resident sexologist and advice columnist, “Ms. M.” for the Museum of Sex. Her research and subsequent article on the Internal Clitoris went viral, changing the way people understand how their bodies work, and heralding her as a pioneer of clit-feminism. In 2016, she founded the Center for Erotic Intelligence to broaden our collective understanding of human sexuality and human connection. She studies how the erotic mind can empower our everyday lives, and offers fresh new ways of teaching healthy relationships and healthy sexual development.  


Animated Clit Videos

Illustrations of the Internal Clit

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