CYCLES + SEX is an ecosystem of education, tools and personal experiences to teach people about their bodies.  We created it because (reproductive) cycles and (the act of) sex is relevant and important to everyone, but information available about these topics is often shame-inducing, intimidating and hard to find! There is no go-to place to find everything you need to know, so, we are making it for you.

CYCLES + SEX is not a medical resource.  We do not diagnose or know what’s best for your body.  We compile resources and experts to support you in making the best decisions for yourself and host a platform for you to share your experiences. 

We believe you are the expert of your own body. Yet, we live in a culture that often ignores and represses our own innate wisdom.  Our hope is to empower you to start playing a more active role in your health, pleasure and overall wellbeing.  

We believe people becoming the experts of their own bodies (embodiment) is fundamental in creating the culture we all want ... one that is accepting, equitable and free.  

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